Private Parties

Close-up magic is the perfect icebreaker for formal occasions, social events or just plain mix and mingle. Whether your event is a birthday, office party, a charity ball or a summer fete, however few or many people attending I’ll entertain and engage your guests capturing and directing their attention leaving them surprised, baffled and totally entertained. Service guaranteed.

I perform close-up magic whether your guests are seated or standing I entertain accordingly. If you’re having a drinks reception prior to sitting down for food it’s a good opportunity to have me entertain then to help break the ice and afterwards proceed in between courses around the tables, concluding during coffees and deserts. The nice thing about this format is your guests will see close-up sleight of hand magic performed in two different settings, standing and seated.

Having a working surface is a real luxury for a Magician so expect to see certain Magic effects you may not see in a walk about, reception situation.

Usually at functions guests are sat at large round top tables which can seat up to 12 people, these are ideal. However whatever your table size I can perform a great little act designed for lower eye lines which are sure to wow even the most cynical of viewers.

Whatever your event is and if you’re keen to hire me as your magician there’s always some opportunity to entertain so please  inquire.