Corporate Magician

Most of the corporate events I perform close-up magic at are essentially private parties and I engage in corporate hospitality. I typically perform during the drinks reception while guests are standing or during the meal while they’re seated at their table.

Whatever the environment I entertain accordingly, mixing and mingling amongst small groups 2,3,4 plus guests at a time. If your prefer I can do one big show for you all at the same time and If you have some ideas or presentation themes you’d like me to use as a hook for your staff, guests or clients then I’m happy to offer bespoke presentations.

Trade Show Magic

Corporate Magic can also refer to using magic as a marketing tool, helping to raise awareness and generate interest in new and existing products in an effective way.

On average I perform at about five trade shows a year. Pitched up behind a booth or as part of your sales stand I guarantee to get traffic to your stand and keep them there. Trade shows by their nature can be quite stiff events, tons of competition pitching their wares offering swag it can be tough to stand out. Having myself as part of your trade show team will offer something different to other exhibitors and if you’ve any company branded props like stationary or perhaps some company branded playing cards (which I can arrange) I’ll be able to perform with these getting your brand name or USPs across in an innovative and fun way. If you have an interest please contact me: